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Procedures and Information

Music/Arts Institute operates on an academic year basis with lessons and ensembles beginning in September.

Enrollment is on-going throughout the year. When entering after the academic year has begun, the number of lessons and associated fees are prorated for the remainder of the year. The following information outlines the enrollment process. To schedule an appointment or for further information, please contact the office at (816) 836-1998.


  • Each student completes an audition consistent with the type of study desired. Vocal students will complete exercises demonstrating pitch recognition, sight singing and vocal range in addition to performing one or more prepared pieces. Instrumentalists will perform scales and prepared pieces. Auditions for ensembles may include a meeting with the directors of the ensemble. As part of the audition/interview process, parents and students will discuss issues such as: teacher preference, scheduling, payment options, and more. While we recommend beginning study at the beginning of the academic calendar, auditions may take place at any time throughout the term. Interviews are scheduled through the business office, please call 816-836-1998 to arrange an interview time.
  • Music/Arts faculty are independent contracts and set their own number of lessons taught per year and lesson fee. Contracts are for an academic year running from September through June or July depending on the number of lessons taught by the teacher. Continuing enrollment, with pro-rated tuition allows students to enter at any time for the remaining sessions in that academic year.
  • Each instructor is an independent contractor with Music/Arts, and as such, sets their own lesson rate and number of lessons taught each academic year. Tuition fees may vary.

    Fees include:

    • $100.00 Yearly Enrollment fee per contract ($76 for those in Young MAIsterSingers)
    • $75.00 Choir Materials & MAI t-shirt (Young MAIsterSingers only)
    • Accompaniment Fee for those in Vocal Lessons