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grahamDaniel Graham is Second Trumpet with the Kansas City Philharmonia, the Kansas City Civic Orchestra and the Cameron Municipal Band, Third Trumpet with the Kansas City Baroque Consortium, Second Horn with the Olathe Orchestra, Fourth Horn with the Overland Park Orchestra and is a regular member in the horn section of the pit orchestra for Shawnee Mission Theater in the Park productions. He is an extra player with the St. Joseph Symphony and the Liberty Symphony (trumpet).

He was formerly a member of the Civic Opera Theater of Kansas City, the Kansas City Puccini Festival Orchestra, the Independence Symphony and the Overland Park Orchestra (trumpet), the Western Missouri British Brass Band (cornet) and the Independence Brass Quintet (horn).

Graham began his musical career at the age of ten playing cornet. Later he was a Music Education major at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music where he studied for two years. He finished a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis in Philosophy. While at the University of Minnesota he studied trumpet with David Baldwin, formerly President of the International Guild of Trumpet Players and Charles Schlueter, formerly Principal Trumpet with the Boston Symphony. Daniel learned to play swing music from local Kansas City jazz trumpeter, the late, Bill Trumbauer.

Because of his interest in the appropriateness of different kinds of trumpet and horn sound spectra for various periods and styles of music, Graham plays instruments of a number of origins and designs. One of these instruments is the Rotary Trumpet (with valves that turn like those found on French horns). His public performance on trumpet involves roughly equal amounts of standard (piston-valved) and rotary trumpets. He has also began playing the baroque trumpet (valveless), introducing it into his orchestral playing in the Spring of 2004. On horn, he plays an American-made rotary double-horn and a Vienna horn. Vienna horns, originating in Austria, are single horns in F with three dual-piston valves.

Graham is the author of what is perhaps the only book written primarily about rotary trumpets in the English language, Rotary Trumpets: An American Player’s Perspective, published in 2002. In 2005 he wrote a second book, An Orchestral Trumpet Discography, to help players preparing for orchestral performance and in 2006 a third book, The Mouthpiece Trial, Techniques and Topics for Trumpet Players.

Graham joined the faculty of Music Arts Institute in 2002 as instructor of horn and trumpet and also became Adjunct Instructor of Brass at the Metropolitan Community Colleges, Blue River Campus the same year. He has been teaching for seventeen years, helping students prepare for auditions, contests and participation in bands, orchestras, jazz bands and college scholarship auditions.